SimAssess FAQ

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to using SimAssess™ for your institution or organization. Should you have additional questions related to the use, function or benefits of SimAssess™, please feel free to submit them via our contact form.

  • What is SimAssess?

    SimAsess is a performance evaluation tool meant for Educators and Managers. It allows you to assess any event - learning, projects and team members - against your standards for improvement and success. As an educator, it helps you understand the learner' potential and let the learner understand your expectation as a teacher. As a manager, you can convey your performance expectation and provide support to your objective recommendations for the stack holders.

  • How do you access SimAssess?

    SimAssess™ is a cloud application available on the INTERNET. As an educator / manager, you can subscribe to SimAssess and use the application to invite participants to login at to complete the rubrics.

  • What do I get as SimAssess subscriber?

    SimAssess offers complete control to your assessment. The subscription is private to you as a subscriber and you can use SimAssess for any assessment in your professional and personal work. The inforamtion and data belongs to you and you control the data that is exported for use for any external system, e.g. LMS, Statistic Analysis tools or others. SimAssess is your rubric repository that you can share as well as access othe rrubrics from the extensive library shared by others. You can manage your participants as groups and assign them to sessions. All the responses are available for you to conduct longitudinal and performance studies to support your work.

  • Why does SimAssess use rubrics?

    SimAssess employs rubrics to simplify the assessment process for educators and managers. Rubrics allow users to establish detailed instructions for performance expectations, and once that is done, you have a complete worksheet that captures accurate, detailed responses without requiring detailed user input. With clarified expectations, participants will report using your established standards, which optimizes accuracy of collected data.

  • Is SimAssess a Learning Management System (LMS) ?

    LMS systems are full eco-systems of education management that require a high-volume of users, multi-day training, elaborate IT infrastructure, full-time support and additional resources. SimAssess is your individual performance evaluation system. All you need to do to get started is to access the website, create a rubric and distribute...and let SimAssess do the rest. The participants register themselves and complete rubrics and you receive the reports and analytics in real-time.

  • What session types does SimAssess offer?

    Assessment Sessions can be created in four different ways in SimAssess. The rubric can be presented to the participant as Anonymous Survey, Feedback, Evaluation (by Observer(s)) and Research Forms. Evaluation sessions are completed by observers and can be used to evaluate individual learners or teams. Research Forms allow you to capture additional information about the event along with the rubric form.

  • How does "Rapid Self-registration by Participants" work?

    All sessions created with SimAssess are automatically assigned a unique Reference Code (we call it R-Code).This reference code can be presented to the participant via various methods such as: email, presentation, group meetings, etc. For evaluation, the particpants will register and the observers can complete the rubrics as individuals or as a team.

  • What kind of reports are available in SimAssess?

    SimAssess prvodes real-time Session Summary Reports that an educator or manager can use to aid with feedback or remediation. Other quick reports includes longitudinal reports on individual/team performance, rubric effectiveness, learner group performance, etc.