Process improvement through learner engagement.

SimAssess was created to assess experiences and connect the resulting data analytics
to support and promote evidence-based learning and training. 

  • For Managers
    One accurate measurement is worth more than a thousand expert opinions - Admiral Grace Hopper

    Conducting regular performance reviews is an important and constructive way to evaluate the contributions an employee makes for your company. Traditional annual revenues are not productive for today's rapid pace of business. Conventional reviews miss important elements and introduce individual bias. SimAssess offers simple assessment tools for objective evaluation, defining expectation between organization and team members for team and project/program success.

    SimAssess is available as on online subscription that allows you to control and conduct evaluations as desired for your business. One-time rubric setup defines the set of multidimensional guidelines on your expectations, providing conistency in evaluation and reports to easily measure progress and performance. Used for various purposes, including business plans, programs, projects and individual performance, SimAssess provides a uniform way to measure success.

    The ability to review evaluations of the same rubric over time provides invaluable progress insight. This objective information used as feedback for your team and business plans helps ensure more effective decisions on business strategy. With independent control to revise the evaluation process, SimAssess offers the tools to make you a better and more efficient manager. As a secured online web-based application, SimAssess offers the convenience of anytime accessibility and confidentiality. The ability to export reports for use with other systems extends the power of the SimAssess toolkit.

  • For Educators
    We do not have knowledge of a thing until we have grasped its WHY, that is to say, its CAUSE. - Aristotle

    Assessment in Education draws a fine line between strategies to assist educators with teaching and institutional practices for learning. Educators' divergent expectations and beliefs about education need to be supported by flexible assessment tools. SimAssess™ offers synchronization between educators' expectations and learner effort. The quick rubric-based assessment offers flexibility to improve learner education. Objective evaluation of learner performance coupled with detailed analytics and reporting provides insights to improve teaching success.

    SimAssess is available as an online subscription that allows educators to conduct assessment sessions and collaborate with peers through rubric-sharing. Rubrics are presented with SimAssess as Survey, Self-reflection, and Assessment. A rapid self-registration method built within SimAssess allows learners/observers to self sign-in and complete assessments with ease. As a secured online web based application, SimAssess offers the convenience of any-time accessibility  The ability to export the reports for advanced statistical analysis is included with SimAssess.

    Removing the hurdles of performing assessment with traditional learning management systems, SimAssess is your personal assessment tool (think paper-based testing but all online).

  • Try It!

    Created by a team of professionals with 60+ years combined experience in simulation-based learning, SimAssess offers the easiest rubric-based evaluation tool for any educator, teacher, instructor, and manager; and allows professionals to customize technology to their own personal teaching style (instead of customizing the style to serve the technology).