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SimAssess was created to assess experiences and connect the resulting data analytics
to support and promote evidence-based learning and training. 

  • Leadership

    Sukhtej S. Dhingra, Ph.D.

    Sukhtej is a veteran in design and development of Decision Support Systems for the healthcare and medical education market. For the last 15+ years, he has worked in technology solutions for simulation-based learning and has been acknowledged for innovation and contributions using technology for learning and training. He is a recipient of the 2011 Philadelphia SmartCxO Award - Part of SmartCEO's Executive Management Awards. He is a contributing author for "Linda Wilson and Leland Rockstraw. Human Simulation for Nursing and Health Professions, New York, NY: Springer Publishing Co., 2012." Sukhtej has a Ph.D. in Engineering from Virginia Tech and a B.Tech. (Engineering) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, India.


    Chuck Miller

    As founder and acting President & CEO of KbPort, and as a partner in SimAssess, Chuck Miller has 22+ years designing and developing new software and hardware for the medical education industry.


    Gregory P. Angell

    Greg Angell has been a principal in KbPort LLC since 2006. In addition to various operations and business development responsibilities, Greg is general counsel for the company.

  • Why SimAssess?

    What is SimAssess?

    SimAssess is an easy, rubric-based evaluation tool, which fulfills the need for quantitative data and analytics to promote evidence-based education. It doesn't matter what competency assessment tool you use, SimAssess can manage all of them for you. With built-in flexibility and a naturally efficient design, the SimAssess, Simple Assessment solution offers convenience, consistency and powerful data analysis to educate, train, research and analyze.


    Why SimAssess?

    SimAssess is an empowering tool for teachers, instructors, educators and managers to impart a personal touch to instructional style. Handling complex curriculum needs with multi-dimensional outcomes, SimAssess is the best solution to add assessment for learning.

  • More

    Why was SimAssess Created?

    SimAssess was created to bridge the gap between clinical simulation experiences and AV Debriefing methods. It's primary function is to assess the experience and connect the data analytics to support and promote evidence-based education.

    Created by a team of professionals with 60+ years combined experience in simulation-based learning, SimAssess offers the easiest rubric-based evaluation tool for any educator, teacher, instructor, and manager; and allows professionals to customize technology to their own personal teaching style (instead of customizing the style to serve the technology).


    How Can SimAssess Help?

    SimAssess is your personal assessment app that allows you to create your own rubric library. Rapid self-registration for participant allows you to conduct evaluations effortlessly. These evaluations can be presented in different format - survey, feedback, individual / team performance evaluation - to allow just-in-time feedback to participants. Comprehensive session and data analysis reports aid in remediation and progressive assessment.